FLOW HOSE 2″ BLUE RIBBED (50ft / 15mtr)

169.50 (Excluding VAT)

The best carpet cleaning hose we have seen , SMOOTH BORE FOR SMOOTH AIRFLOW.


2″ Carpet Cleaning Flow Hose.

Comes complete with hose cuffs. 50Ft will cover most households without needing to move the machine.

The best carpet cleaning suction hose we have seen and exclusive to CLEANING WAREHOUSE, it offers greater flexibility without cost to durability.

The unique smooth-bore lining gives less resistance to airflow, delivering you more power at the wand.

And no dirt gets trapped in the hose to spill out when you’re finished cleaning.

This is a triple layered bonded heavy duty construction, you will never have to change it!


Using 2″ carpet cleaning hose instead of 1.5″ – portable & truckmount machines will receive a power boost at the wand due to more air & CFM being available at the wand tip.

The smooth internal bore allows for more air flow due to less internal resistance, a free power boost for your machine!

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Weight10 kg


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