APC All Purpose Cleaner

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A unique and highly effective alkaline, detergent-free cleaner suitable for use on all washable hard surfaces.

Use for all general cleaning at 1:200 dilution.


APC All Purpose Cleaner – 5 Litre

A unique and highly effective alkaline, detergent-free cleaner suitable for use on all washable hard surfaces.

APC All Purpose Cleaner removes heavy contamination and general soil residues such as:

  • Oil and grease
  • Smoke and soot.
  • Cooking deposits.
  • Nicotine.
  • Light lime-scale deposits.
  • Atmospheric polutants.
  • Traffic film and dead insects from road vehicles

From surfaces such as: Glass, enamel, plastics, vinyl, uPVC, formica, ceramics, stainless steel, aluminum, stone, slate, laminate flooring, pre-finished wood and washable painted surfaces.

It is ideal for use in domestic or commercial kitchens and washrooms. APC All Purpose Cleaner’s unique cleaning process is achieved by “Microsplitting” the soil binders without the use of enzymes, bacteria, detergents or solvents.

APC All Purpose Cleaner does not contain any reducing or oxidation agents, such as sodium hypochloride, or hydrogen peroxide.

Truly all-porpose, APC All Purpose Cleaner can be used with both manual and mechanical methods i.e. pressure spraying, damp mopping, brushing or wiping with micro pads, microfibre cloths, micro-sponges, rotary or oscillating pad machines, pressure washers and steam cleaning equipment.

It offers a highly effective and more environmentally friendly alternative to potentially hazardous, caustic detergent based cleaners, and can be used safely in the home or office. Once the desired results are achieved simply rinse the surface with water, and dry if necessary.

On polymer-coated surfaces such as vehicle paintwork, the surface may become dull. So it will be necessary to re-apply polish to these areas and buff to restore the luster.

APC All Purpose Cleaner is suitable for daily use on all alkaline resistant surfaces subject to testing for suitability for use, prior to cleaning. Dilution rates can be adjusted to accommodate either maintenance or restorative cleaning.

Manual Cleaning:

Restorative Cleaning: 1:5 – 1:50 according to soil conditions

Maintenance Cleaning: 1:50 – 1:200 according to soil conditions

Machine Cleaning:

Restorative Cleaning: 1:10 – 1:50 according to soil conditions

Maintenance Cleaning: 1:50 – 1:300 according to soil conditions

Technical Data: pH: 10.6 Odour: slight fragrance Color: clear

Contents/Precautions: APC All Purpose Cleaner is a water based cleaner that contains water-soluble active ingredients, between 5% but less than 15% phosphate (food grade quality). pH 10.6, It is classified as non-hazardous and non-flammable. Keep out of reach of children. In case of direct contact with the product, gloves should be worn. In case of skin or eye contact, wash thoroughly with water, respectively consult a doctor. Further information can be obtained from your Material Safety Data Sheet. Store dry and frost-free in closed containers.

Disposal: Check with local authorities.


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