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Solution STORM


Water based super concentrate with naturally derived solvents, this new environmentally friendly cleaner uses plant based esters and grain derived solvents for phenomenal cleaning power.

It is non-flammable, 100% biodegradable and safe to use.

As part of the  Greener Cleaning Range STROM DEGREASER  contains no hydroxides, silicates, phosphates, petroleum solvents, nonyl phenol derivatives or other compounds that are considered harmful to the environment. A unique and highly effective alkaline, detergent-free cleaner suitable for use on all washable hard surfaces.

Solution STORM can be diluted with up to 1:150 with either hot or cold water for use on almost any type of washable hard surface. However, the diluted concentrate should ALWAYS be tested for suitability for use first in an inconspicuous area.


Heavy Duty Cleaning: Dilute up to 1:50 with either hot or cold water for cleaning greasy or oily surfaces including commercial and industrial machinery etc.

General Cleaning: Dilute up to 1:100 with either hot or cold water for general floor and hard surface cleaning including tiles, plastics and paintwork.

Light Cleaning: Dilute up to 1:150 with either hot or cold water for light cleaning duties and or maintenance cleaning.

Cleaning Equipment: SOLUTION STORM has very low foam characteristics and can be diluted up to 1:150 with either hot or cold water for use with floor scrubbing machines, and hot or cold pressure washers.

SOLUTION STORM contains no compounds classified as watercourse or marine pollutants. Is non-flammable and does not form stable oil/water emulsions.

Directions: SOLUTION STORM is suitable for on almost all washable surfaces with the exception of textiles and carpeting. Test in an inconspicuous area thoroughly for suitability prior to use. Dilute with warm or cold water and apply by solvent resistant hand trigger sprayer, pump-up or electric pressure sprayer. Can also be applied by mop and bucket. Allow to dwell prior to agitation, then rinse or wipe the surface clean with plain water. Heavy-duty applications may require a stronger dilution and or longer contact times.

Not suitable for use on surfaces where food is prepared, but can be used to deep clean oil & grease contaminated surfaces, tiled floors and non-slip safety flooring. Do not used on polished surfaces as it may soften, dull or remove the surface coating.

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