Heavy Duty Carpet Cleaner 5Ltr

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A highly effective carpet cleaning soution suitable for synthetic fibres only.

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Solution Heavy Duty Microsplitter

A highly effective carpet cleaning soution suitable for synthetic fibres only.

Having all of the benefits of our Standard Microsplitter, Heavy Duty Microsplitter has been formulated with some additional boosters that give it an added ‘kick’ for effectively dealing with high build-up’s of grease, oil, heavy traffic lanes and similar problems.

  • Versatility of usage is exactly as with our other microsplitters.
  • It is fully compatible with all of our other microsplitter products, including spotters, so it can even be over-sprayed onto them if the need for extra cleaning power is discovered after initial treatment.
  • Though so powerful at cleaning it is equally kind to protectors such as Protect Nano and to anti-static treatments.

Dilution Rates and coverage:

These are as described for Solution Standard( 1:16 – 1:80), making this product as economical as it is effective!

Though our standard range of microsplitters is highly effective on a broad spectrum of soils, spots and stains commonly encountered, for those times when you want that bit more power to your elbow, the ‘Solution’ is Heavy Duty!!!

Customer Reviews (2)

What an incredible pre-spray!
When this pre-spray is used in conjunction with mechanical agitation it absolutely powers through dirt and grease. HD also cuts down on the amount of spot and stain removal that is required as it breaks down the vast majority of water based stains, this saves time, energy and money.
It’s difficult to choose a favourite product from the Solution range as they are all so good but HD is definitely on my top 3 favourite pre-sprays of all time.
Review by Dan Woodhead (Posted on 25/07/2014)
Wow factor
This must be the best pre-spray I’ve ever used!
The carpet looks fantastic, especially good for greasy area’s. well impressed!


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