Acid Rinse FINAL PHASE 5Ltr

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Final Phase is a low residue, ultra concentrated acidic rinse agent.

Stabilises colours and prevents browning/yellowing


Final Phase Acidic Rinse Agent

Should You Use an acidic Rinse Agent?

On carpet that has great amounts of residue, or if the carpet is a printed nylon, use an acid rinse, such as Final Phase , to neutralize the excess alkalinity left over from previous cleanings.

The acid rinse prevents any type of potential bleeding,  stabilises colours and prevents browning/yellowing and will brighten the colour in a printed carpet.

Final Phase is a low residue, ultra concentrated acidic rinse agent.

Contains corrosion inhibitors. neutralises & removes detergent residues.

Can be used as a rinse agent or as an after spray. Leaves the carpet in a proper pH balance.


Directions & Dilutions:

For a portable machine add 30 ml of Final Phase to 20 L of rinse water.

As a browning treatment – treat the area concerned at a dilution of 20ml of Final Phase per 1L of water (1:50). Allow a 45 minutes contact time, then rinse using your extraction machine with Final Phase added to the clean water tank at a dilution of 7ml per 1L of water (1:150)

As a dye fix used as a pre-treatment prior to cleaning – 1:150.

As an after spray dilute 1:150 6-7ml per litre.

Also available as an alternative is CRYSTAL RINSE, an acidic rinse agent with added encapsulation and soil retardant.

Customer Reviews (4)

Simply The Best
This is the best acidic rinse on the market in my opinion. Very economical rinse and great for removing tea, coffee and urine.Review by The Carpet Cleaning Pro (Posted on 06/08/2017)
Easiest de-browning treatment EVER!
As an acidic rinse/ dye stabilizer, limescale corrosion inhibitor in your machine, tea/ coffee & urine remover this is awesome & so economical. Best product on the market!Review by Colin (Posted on 19/11/2016)
Lasts longer than any other acid rinse I’ve tried in the truckmount, great on browning as well. Costs a bit more but the dilution makes up for it so all good.Review by Paul (Posted on 30/10/2016)
As far as acid rinse goes it’s the best out there. Also great for flushing it though your portable to get rid of limescale.Review by Graeme (Posted on 25/10/2016)


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