VLM (very low moisture) Dry Carpet Powder has the cleaning power of Micro-splitter infused into an organic carrier material. It is probably one of the most advanced products of its type which takes very low moisture cleaning to a new level. It does not contain optical brighteners and the dry powder does not cause yellowing and does not affect treatments such as Solugard or Scotchgard. Dry Carpet Powder can be applied on all water and colour-fast surfaces made of natural and synthetic fibres.

  • Carpets fitted by means of water-sensitive glue are not a problem.
  • Other humidity-sensitive areas such as double floors can be cleaned without risk.
  • Carpets can be walked on during and immediately after cleaning – no down-time!
  • Dry Carpet Powder does not contain detergents, so there is no sticky residue to contribute to re-soiling.
  • The granules do not adhere to carpet fibres making them easier to remove at the final stage of the clean.