a 500ml spray bottle of viscose restorer

Viscose/Cellulosic Restorer (500ml)

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a 500ml spray bottle of viscose restorer

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Viscose/Cellulosic Restorer can be used to prevent or even restore the hard crusty feel that you often encounter after wet cleaning cellulosic fibres such as viscose, lyocell, and cotton. It is an economical, effective, and yet gentle solution used for restoring the natural soft feel of viscose, cotton, and other cellulosic fibres in both fabrics and carpets.

Directions for use:

Viscose Restorer is ready-to-use so should not be diluted. Use a clean hand sprayer for fabrics or a clean regular sprayer fitted with an adjustable spray nozzle for carpets

  1. Pre-test Viscose Restorer for colour or texture damage in an out-of-sight area.
  2. Pour sufficient Viscose Restorer into the sprayer for your needs.
  3. Set spray nozzle as a fine mist.
  4. Establish the pile direction.
  5. Apply a fine mist to the fabric or carpet.
  6. Using a soft brush, gently brush the pile sideways in both directions to break away any hardened residues.
  7. Reset the pile with a boffin brush on upholstery or a soft carpet brush.
  8. Accelerate drying using a hair dryer set to cool on small areas or an air mover for larger areas.

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