Vacmaster WD M38 PCF M Class vacuum

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Vacmaster WD M38 PCF M Class vacuum

Looking for a high-quality, industrial-grade vacuum cleaner? Wet Dry Vacs presents the Vacmaster WD M38 PCF M Class Dust Extractor– the only vacuum you'll ever need.

This M-Class product comes in handy when you need to remove dust from a large space. Meant for construction sites and other similar areas, this one is a truly worthy investment to keep your safety in check and ensure that your surroundings are free from harmful elements.

  • M-Class Certified: This Wet Dry vacuum cleaner is certified M-Class, designed to extract materials like concrete, silica, MDF, natural woods, among others. It can safely remove medium toxic dust particles which have an occupational exposure limit of greater than 0.1 mg per cubic meter.
  • Powerful Motor: Inside the vacuum cleaner is a 1500W motor powering it, with an output of 274 Air Watts. The motor is incredibly durable and powerful, so you can rest assured about its long-lasting nature.
  • Power Take-Off: Now when you drill or sand an area, cleaning up will become quicker than ever. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a power take-off socket of 1490W. You first have to plug in the power tool, and then connect the suction hose. You can use the power switch to operate the machine and extract dust on the go.
  • Airflow Warning Indicator: When the air velocity is about to fall below 20 m/s, there is an LED indicator that sends a warning to the user. This is the time to activate the PCF system.
  • PCF System: This wet dry vacuum cleaner is equipped with the push clean filter or the PCF system. The function of this system is to prevent any blockage formation while the extraction process is on. The system generates reverse airflow to clean up the clogged cartridge filter and sends back the collected dust and dirt into the main tank where all the debris is collected.
  • 2-Stage Dust Collection: The wet dry vacuum has a special mechanism in a place called 2-stage dust collection. It makes sure there is no leftover collected debris inside the tank.
  • Long Power Cable: The vacuum comes with a long and sturdy power cable of 10 m in length, with a reach of around 41m. The cable is coated with wear and tear-resistant rubber to offer maximum durability.

Model #: VDK1538SWC-01M

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