Vacmaster WD L30 L-Class 110V Wet and Dry Vacuum

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Vacmaster Wet & Dry 110v 30L Vacuum

When it comes to maintaining your commercial space, nothing can beat a powerful 110v vacuum cleaner. Wet Dry Vacs brings to you the Vacmaster WD L30 Wet & Dry Dust Extractor– a certified L-Class vacuum that removes light toxic dust with incredible efficiency.

What Makes the Vacmaster Wet & Dry 110v Dust Extractor A Must-Have?

  • L-Class Dust Extraction: Engineered to extract mild hazardous dust, this is an L-Class certified vacuum, suitable for spaces where the workplace exposure limit (WEL) exceeds 1 mg per cubic meter. The toxic materials it is capable of extracting include gypsum, softwoods, plasterboard and Corian. The HEPA 13 cartridge filter gets rid of 99.95% of all allergens and dust particles, even when they are as small as 0.3 microns. There is also a cloth pre-filter present in the vacuum, which ensures additional protection.
  • Heavy-Duty Industrial Use: This robust and sturdy wet dry vacuum cleaner is specially designed for industrial use. The main unit consists of a heavy 30-litre stainless steel tank, metal swivel castors, lock-fit stainless steel suction tubes with air-flow control handle, and a toughened crush-resistant hose.
  • Wet & Dry Cleaning: This vacuum cleaner works on both wet and dry areas, which makes it all the more versatile. The pre-filter is washable, and so is the cartridge filter. Combined together, they extract all the dust into the tank, or inside a disposable dust bag. The foam filter helps in the extraction of liquids.
  • Efficient Design: Vacmaster Dust Extractor also works as a powerful blower. With this function, sweeping large areas becomes quick and easy. Just attach the suction hose to the exhaust port, and you're good to go. The machine is also equipped with a seamless drainage mechanism that allows you to remove the collected dust and liquid waste without any hassle.
  • Power Takeoff: When you make a hole in the wall using a drill, or sand an area, it generates huge amounts of dust. Vacmaster comes with a 110V 16A power take-off socket that comes in handy to quickly extract all this dust. You can remotely operate the machine using the power switch. The delayed shut-off button keeps the vacuum running for 5 seconds after it has been disconnected from power to clean up any trace of dust from the hosepipe or the vacuum cleaner itself.
  • Durable: This wet dry vac hoover is equipped with a 1000W single-stage motor, delivering a suction power of 200 air watts. This motor is incredibly durable, so you can rest assured about the longevity of your Vacmaster Vacuum.
  • Safe: This wet dry vacuum cleaner is engineered to meet the UK Health and Safety Executive standards. Suitable for workshops and construction sites, this portable vacuum ensures low downtime and maximum safety.

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