110v 38

Vacmaster M38 PCF 110V M Class Vacuum

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110v 38

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Vacmaster WD M38 PCF 110V M Class Dust Extractor

Dust in industrial sites is not something new. But the good news is, we have found a new and innovative way to deal with all that toxic dust. Presenting the Vacmaster WD M38 PCF 110V Dust Extractor– this is no less than a revolution in the world of vacuum cleaners. Its quick suction power extracts medium toxic dust from buildings or construction sites. The machine is built to last, backed by a 1-year guarantee.

Why Choose the Vacmaster WD M38 PCF 110V Dust Extractor?

  • M-Class Certified: Because of its ability to extract 99.95% medium toxic dust (occupational exposure limit greater than 0.1 mg in every cubic meter area), this extractor has received M-Class certification. From man-made woods to natural woods, concrete, and silica, this extractor is designed to remove all of these harmful particles.
  • Durable Motor: This wet dry vacuum cleaner is powered by a 1100W motor that generates 218 Air Watts. The premium quality motor is not only powerful but also lasts very long.
  • Push Clean Filter: One of the primary USPs of the Vacmaster Dust Extractor is the Push Clean Filter system (PCF). This special filter pushes the trapped dirt back into the collection tank and unclogs any blockage, resulting in high suction.
  • Airflow Warning Indicator: As soon as the airflow is about to fall below 20 m/s, the LED indicator turns itself on to warn the user. At this point, activating the push clean filter system will bring back the high suction power.
  • Power Take-off: The 110V power take-off socket is another feature of this vacuum. You can operate it using the power switch on the machine.
  • Extra Long Power Cable: The Vacmaster Dust Extractor comes with an extra-long 10-meter power cable, which is capable of reaching 14 meters in length. It means even if the power socket is far away, running the vacuum won't be an issue.
  • 2-Stage Dust Collection: To make sure that no toxic dust particles are left behind in the tank and to prevent it from becoming airborne, the dry vac hoover is armed with an effective 2-stage dust collection system.
  • Anti-Static System: The vacuum cleaner comes with an anti-static accessory, along with a suction hose system, which prevents the accumulation of static charge.
  • Safe: This vacuum is engineered to offer a safe experience for our users. It meets the UK Health and Safety Executive guidelines. The equipment operates from a 110V isolating transformer, ensuring that the highest voltage passed on to earth doesn't exceed the 55V limit.

Model #: VDK1138SWC-110

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