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Vacmaster L20 Wet and Dry Dust Extractor

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wet and dry

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Vacmaster WD L20 Wet and Dry Dust Extractor

From construction sites to other working areas that experience heavy dust, the Vacmaster WD L20 Wet and Dry Dust Extractor is the best solution to create a safe environment around you. It extracts dust effectively, has a long reach to clean far-away areas, and its brilliant engineering promises durability.

Suitable for both wet and dry extraction, it comes with a dust bag for dry dirt and a foam filter to collect liquid debris. With a reliable product like this by your side, industrial cleaning will become quick and seamless.

What's the USP of the Vacmaster WD L20 Wet/Dry Dust Extractor?

  • L-Class Vacuum Cleaner: The WD L-20 is a certified L-Class vacuum cleaner. It can extract light toxic dust particles, including softwoods, plasterboard, gypsum, and Corian. It has been developed for working sites where the exposure limit (WEL) is greater than 1 mg per cubic meter.
  • Certified Dual HEPA 13 Filtration: This industrial wet dry vacuum cleaner is equipped with a dual HEPA 13 filtration system, consisting of a cartridge filter and a post-motor exhaust filter. This system can effectively extract 99.95% allergens and dust particles, even when they are as minuscule as 0.3 microns. To protect and ensure the durability of the cartridge filter, there is a washable pre-filter attached to it.
  • Powerful Motor: The motor running this vacuum is a powerful 1600 W twin fan bypass, which generates a suction power of 260 Air watts. These motors promise durability, ensuring your vacuum cleaner has a long shelf life.
  • Power Take-Off: If you want to run the vacuum cleaner while drilling or sanding, you can make use of its power take-off. It's equipped with a 1390 W power take-off socket. You have to plug in the power tool and attach the suction hose for it to start working. You can remotely operate the machine using your power tool.
  • Industrial-Grade: This industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner is designed for heavy-duty work. Its solid stainless steel collection tank, friction-fit tubes, airflow control handle and long, abrasion-resistant hose make it tough and sturdy so that it can easily effectively tackle the daily needs of commercial cleaning.
  • Long Reach: This vacuum cleaner gets a 3.5 m crush-proof suction hose, along with a 5 m powerful PVC cable. They have a combined working reach of 9.5 m, approximately.

Model #: VK1620SWC-01L

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