Star Shine Easy porcelain polish

Star Shine Easy Porcelain Polish- 1kg

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Star Shine Easy porcelain polish

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Star Shine Easy Porcelain Polish 1kg

STAR SHINE EASY is an easy-to-use, water-based, polishing cream. Its special formula allows to re-polish Porcelain Stoneware. The product replaces with excellent performances the final phase of mechanical polishing, replacing different grains, offering the material a higher brightness degree compared to the one that can be obtained by a diamond grinding, saving time and energy.

The product provides the material with excellent resistance to foot traffic and stains, making easier the everyday maintenance of the treated surface. The product allows simple use and does not produce any defect on the surface during brushing. It does not contain any wax, but acts both by chemical and mechanical reaction, directly on the material. The product enhances brightness and restores the original color of the material, should it be partially lost.

Suitable for:

Ceramic Glazed

Porcelain gres Lappato

Porcelain gres Honed


✓ Sharp brightness
✓ Resistance to foot traffic
✓ Fast result
✓ Closure against soiling agents


For indoor and outdoor use on polished or lappato (glazed polished) porcelain stoneware, polished or finely honed granites


40-50 m2/kg


Single disc machine, which has a power of 2 HP (2.2 HP is preferable); Manual rotary brush.
Cleaning Warehouse can supply the WARRIOR Single disc machine, which has a power of 2.2 HP and is optimized for the correct application of any product.


• Test on a small area before proceeding, so to ensure product suitability and final result.
• The product appears as a solid, but it can be melted by shaking the bottle. Use STAR SHINE EASY undiluted, treating small surface portions of about 1 square meter each.
• Apply 1-2 teaspoons amount of product per square meter. Work in circular motions with a single disk machine and white pad. Work until the product is dry, prolonging the movement with the floor machine to remove any possible residue.
• Repeat the application to achieve a higher brightness degree or superficial closure. The product does not give any superposition defects; therefore once achieved the maximum brightness, no difference will be remarkable between two areas polished separately. After polishing the surface, rinse it well with water and vacuum up the superficial residues.


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