Solu-Clear is an anti-bacterial sanitiser which contains a combination of biocides that can kill bacteria, fungus, mould and viruses including Hepatitis and HIV.

It may be used on all water washable surfaces to clean, sanitise and remove odours. Suitable as a sanitiser for carpets, upholstery, hard surfaces, floors, walls, washroom surfaces, tiles etc. It yields fantastic results when used to treat biological odours in carpets and fabrics – such as spilt milk, yogurt, urine, dog and cat faeces.

  • Solu-Clear can be diluted up to 1:200 depending on application.
  • For light wiping of surfaces use at 1:200.
  • Use at 1:50 for disinfecting application.
  • Use at 1:40 for fungal growth, mildew etc.
  • For heavy soiling or in cases of contamination with body fluids, sewage waste or food spillage, dilute at 1:20