Micro 4 Rechargeable

ShopVac Micro 4 - Rechargeable

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Micro 4 Rechargeable

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ShopVac Micro 4 Rechargeable

You can keep it in the car, clear up the football trainer mud, doggy mud, spilt drinks and a cheeky drive through meal crumbs! The internal battery power is great for quick pick up jobs in your home, garage or workshop.
The vehicle power cord gives you the option to run the vacuum from your vehicles power outlet, for when the battery is low.
  • Car Charger - runs from your vehicle's 12v outlet
  • Internal Battery - enables quick pick up jobs
  • Air Flow: 2.6
  • Air Watts: 220
  • Electrical Rating:12 VDS System Type 2
  • Max Watts: 1100
  • Model Number: 2025024
  • Tank size:  4 litres
  • Water Pressure: 559mm

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