A sebo vacuum cleaner on a grey background

Sebo BS460 Widetrack Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

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A sebo vacuum cleaner on a grey background

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The BS460 is the (46cm wide) widetrack version of the award-winning Sebo BS360 (36cm wide) commercial vacuum cleaner. It tends to be the choice for many schools, hospitals, offices, churches, mosques, cleaning companies and various government departments.

It is a dependable and rugged machine that is built for heavy-duty commercial use. The 46cm brush width is perfect for large-sized areas. The BS460 Comfort can clean a wide range of facilities and the replaceable brush strips makes it economical to run for long periods.

Able to clean flat to the floor, it can reach under furniture and its L-shaped head lets it clean under radiators and other furniture.

Note: It is not suitable for very deep pile carpet such as Saxony, etc.

Technical specs:

  • Cleans flat to the floor
  • Hose with integrated wand
  • Bag full warning light
  • Trap door for easy blockage clearing
  • Colour: Grey
  • Construction: High-Grade ABS
  • Cable: 10m
  • Filter bag volume in machine 5L
  • Brush width: 46cm
  • Body weight: 8.5kg
  • Power: 890W (max permitted under EU rules)
  • 4-Level Height Adjustment
  • Non-Slip Belt with Electronic Overload Protection
  • Electronic Height Guidance
  • Integrated Hose and Wand

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