No Rug rust remover

No Rug Rust Remover

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No Rug rust remover

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NO RUG Rust Remover

NO RUG is a water-based stain remover, especially formulated to remove rust stains from acidresistant surfaces. The product is also effective on saline efflorescence and dark stains from oxidation.

NO RUG has a particular formulation that allows it to penetrate deep down, even into the most compact surfaces, such as brushed or polished finishes. Once there, it even removes the rust in the thickness of the material.

Once applied over the stain to be removed, the product works alone without needing any
further processes, until it completely removes the stain. NO RUG is quick and easy to apply, and its use will not alter the surface’s original appearance.

  • Water-based product
  • Excellent stain-removing power
  • Quick and easy application
  • Will not ruin treated surfaces
  • Penetrates deep down, removing the rust present in the thickness of the material
Suitable for use on:

Marble-quartz agglomerate, Slate, Sandstone, Basaltina - Lava stone,
Molten basalt, Glazed ceramics, Clinker, Cotto, Granite, Lapped porcelain stoneware, Polishedporcelain stoneware, Natural porcelain stoneware, Textured porcelain stoneware, Exposedbrick, Reconstituted stone (Eco stone), Porphyry, Quarzite, Terracotta, Tuff

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