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Faber No Oil

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NO OIL is a solvent-based stain remover to be used to extract and remove grease stains from all types of surface With its special formulation, the product can offer effective, definitive action on:

- Stains from food oil and greasy foods;
- Stains from mineral oilengine oildiesel and lubricants
Greasy stains and bituminous residues.

NO OIL is a product that can be applied on all surfaces - even the most delicate types such as polished marbles and acid-sensitive finishes - without attacking them or causing them to lose their shine. The special thick, creamy formula of NO OIL boosts its stain-extracting action, guaranteeing improved efficiency in terms of stain removal. It is also easy to use and effective on vertical surfaces.

Once applied over the stain to be removed, the product works alone without needing any further processes, until it completely removes the stain. NO OIL is quick and easy to apply, and its use will not alter the surface’s original appearance.


Suitable for:

Agglomerate cement-marble

Agglomerate resin-marble

Agglomerate resin-quartz



Basaltina - Lava Stone

Molted basalt

Cement tile


Ceramic Craquele'

Ceramic Glazed




Porcelain gres Lappato

Porcelain gres Honed

Porcelain gres Natural or Structured

Porcelain gres Structured



Brick facings

Parquet/Natural Wood

Manufactured Stone (Eco-stone)







Brush, Spatula, Direct application.


Preparing and cleaning the surface

• Carefully clean the surface, making sure to remove any dust or dirt present.
• Never use NO OIL on wet surfaces; make sure that the surface to be treated is dry.
• Do not apply NO OIL to overly heated surfaces. We recommend applying the product during the coolest times of the day.
• If the surface to be treated has been waxed, proceed to remove it with a Double Stripping.


NO OIL must only be used alone. NEVER mix it with other chemicals.
• Shake well before use.
• The product is ready to use. Pour the product straight onto the surface being treated making sure to cover the stain completely with a thick layer of product.
• Let the product act on the surface until it is completely dry. Once dry the product will become a white powdery residue.
• Remove the powder residue using a soft-bristled broom or clean brush if treating porous material; for compact, non-absorbent materials, the residue can be removed with paper towels or a cloth. Once all powder residues have been removed, wipe the surface with a slightly damp cloth or mop and wait for it to dry before assessing the stain removal results.
If the finished result is not satisfactory, repeat the product application process as described above. If the stain is mixed, it may be a good idea also to use another type of stain remover.
When treating particularly porous surfaces, after stain removal, it may be necessary to remove any remaining powder trapped in the pores. To do this it is possible to use a wet vacuum cleaner, and an extractive cleaner, DETERFUG. In more difficult cases, it is possible to use a pressurized washer.

Opening to floor traffic

After rinsing the surface with water, wait for the floor to dry completely before opening to foot traffic.


NO OIL must only be used alone. NEVER mix it with other chemicals,
except for Faber Poultice thickening powder
• Do not apply the product to overly heated surfaces
• Do not apply the product when there is an imminent risk of rain or frost, or in the presence of mist.
• While applying the product the surface must not be exposed to direct sunlight.
• Apply the product to surfaces at temperatures of between +5 and +40°C
• When using on recently laid or grouted surfaces, wait for the grout to cure completely.
• To achieve an even result in the case of highly absorbing surfaces, we recommend applying the stain remover to areas that are larger than the single stained portion.
• Before applying the product to the whole surface, it is always recommended to take a preliminary test to evaluate the suitability of the products.

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