Micro Spotter

Micro Spotter Spot & Stain Remover

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Micro Spotter

Micro Spotter Spot & Stain Remover

As a spot & stain remover Micro Spotter is effective against a very wide range of spots & stains, Micro Spotter can produce truly astounding results.

The cleaning process is achieved by breaking the adhesion between the soil particles and the surface to be cleaned, without the use of soaps, enzymes or detergents.

  • Based on detergent free technology.
  • No dwell time required – just apply and agitate.
  • Contains no brighteners, soaps, detergents or enzymes – no foam or sticky residues which cause re-soiling.
  • Completely non-toxic – safe for you or your pets.
  • Non irritating – even if it’s not rinsed it’s safe for babies and pets.
  • Odourless – absolutely no fumes – safe to use around asthmatics.
  • No bleaching agents – no light patches left after treatment.

Safe and easy to use, subject to normal pre-testing it is safe to use on all water-tolerant surfaces, and unlike many other products, does not require extensive rinsing.

Directions for use:

Micro Spotter comes ready to use and can be used on both carpet & upholstery.

Always pre-test in an inconspicuous area prior to use.

  • Lightly spray directly onto the carpet spot or stained area.
  • Lightly agitate, then wipe with a microfibre cloth or terry towel (do not rub).
  • Rinse with water or repeat if necessary.

For oily, greasy, waxy and otherwise water-resistant spots & stains, we recommend treatment with either Spot Solve or RX Spotter

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