a dry cleaning / chemical sponge on a grey background

Large Dry Cleaning/Chemical Sponge

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a dry cleaning / chemical sponge on a grey background

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Large Dry Cleaning/Chemical Sponge

A large sized dry cleaning/chemical sponge (AKA Chemical Sponge, Chemspec Sponge or Soot Sponge). Despite being known as a 'Chemical Sponge' there are no actual chemicals in the sponge.

Note that if using it for fire restoration, they are only suitable for removing 'dry' residues from paper and wood fires only. They are not suitable for greasy residues from other types of fires or for candle residues.

They are fantastic for dry cleaning curtains and some upholstered items. They are also very useful for cleaning smoke residue from wood burning stoves, etc (where paper/wood have been burnt).

  • A professional ,high density, restoration sponge.
  • Works on any surface that can't be wet.
  • Single wipe.
  • Great on upholstery, books, paper, smoke covered surfaces, pet hair removal, acoustic tiles, blinds, vehicle interiors, suede, textured wall coverings, plaster, and wood.
  • Residue free.
  • Can be washed and air-dried prior to re-use.


Size: 16cm x 7.5cm x 5cm

SDS download: Click here.

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