a 5-litre bottle of hydro 202 carpet and upholstery cleaner on a grey background

Hydro 202 - Low-Moisture Carpet/Upholstery Cleaner (5-Litres)

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a 5-litre bottle of hydro 202 carpet and upholstery cleaner on a grey background

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Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Chemical – 5L


Hydro 202 is an advanced low-moisture encapsulation carpet and upholstery cleaning solution. It produces outstanding levels of cleaning and packs an extra punch thanks to the newly developed biodegradable oxidiser.

Anti-soiling and Anti-stain
One advantage of using Hydro 202 is that, after cleaning, it leaves anti-soiling and anti-stain properties that help keeps carpets and upholstery looking cleaner and healthier for longer.
Developed using synthetically blended molecules which produce outstanding levels of cleaning even in the worst of conditions.
After cleaning the carpet will benefit from Hydro 202’s unique soil retardant & anti-soiling properties, helping to protect carpets keeping them cleaner and healthier. Hydro 2O2 also deodorises the fabric or carpet.


Directions for use:
For all cleaning: dilute up to 40 ml per litre of warm water depending on the degree of soiling. (1:25)
Bonnet cleaning: can be used with all bonnet cleaning systems, including heated. Always pre-test in an inconspicuous area, prior to cleaning.

  1. Thoroughly vacuum the carpet
  2. Pre-spray both the cleaning pad/bonnet, and the area to be cleaned.
  3. Work in sections using a wringer bucket to clean the bonnets when fully loaded with soiling.

Always keep the cleaning pads/bonnets moist during cleaning. Using a TM3/Pro35 with renovator trays can be beneficial after the vacuuming stage.

For upholstery cleaning: Hydro 202 can be used as a low moisture encapsulation foaming agent. Whisk up in a bucket or use a foaming sprayer. Lightly apply via hand mitt, foam sprayer or sponge, agitate in then terry towel off.

  • Form: liquid
  • Size: 5-Litres
  • Dilution ratio: up to 1:25

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