Smooth Bore Ribbed Hose in Blue

High Flow Vacuum Hose (50-Foot)

210.00 incl. VAT

Smooth Bore Ribbed Hose in Blue

A 2″ or 1.5" Vacuum hose for carpet cleaning machines available in 50ft/15m. It comes complete with hose cuffs and it is one of the best carpet cleaning hoses we have seen - it offers greater flexibility without cost to durability. The hose has a unique smooth-bore lining which gives less resistance to airflow, delivering you more power at the wand.


  • Using a 2″ carpet cleaning hose instead of 1.5″ – portable & truck mount machines will receive a power boost at the wand due to more air & CFM being available at the wand tip.
  • The smooth internal bore allows for more air flow due to less internal resistance, a free power boost for your machine!

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