a five litre bottle of solutions final phase acid rinse on a grey background

Final Phase Acid Rinse (5-Litre)

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a five litre bottle of solutions final phase acid rinse on a grey background

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Final Phase Acid Rinse

Final Phase is a low residue, ultra-concentrated acidic rinse agent that contains corrosion inhibitors. It neutralises and removes detergent residues, stabilises colours and prevents browning/yellowing, but should you use an acidic rinse agent? Yes! For carpets that have high amounts of residue or printed nylon. Final Phase will neutralise the excess alkalinity left over from previous cleanings. It prevents any type of potential bleeding and browning/yellow, stabilises colours and brightens colours printed on carpets.

Final Phase can be used in tank as a rinse agent or as an after clean spray.

Contains corrosion inhibitors which help stop build-up of limescale in machine pumps and pipes.
Always pre-test in an inconspicuous area prior to commencing in each and every case.

Directions for use & dilutions:

Portable machine

As a rinse agent in your clean tank, add 7ml per litre (1:150)


Dilute 1 litre per 20 litres to final stage stock solution metering set 2-4 GPH

As a browning treatment

Treat the area concerned at a dilution of 20 ml of Final Phase per litre of water (1:50). Allow a 45 minutes contact time. Rinse using your extraction machine with Final Phase added to the clean water tank at a dilution of 7 ml per litre of water (1:150)

As a dye fix:

Used as a pre-treatment prior to cleaning, dilute 7 ml per litre. (1:150)

  • Size: 5-litres

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