Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream

Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream

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Faber Porcelain Restoration Cream

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PORCELAIN RESTORATION CREAM is a water-based cream to be used to restore defects on full-body polished porcelain tiles, glazed polished porcelain tiles and glazed surfaces in general. The product has an ultra-fine micro-abrasive effect that will restore flaws and defects on the surfaces such as:


- Slight abrasions
- Scratches
- Dulness
- Cloudy effects
- Disuniformity
- General wear


PORCELAIN RESTORATION CREAM acts without changing the original look of the surface, and could be used inside a complete system to restore and protect the polished or glazed polished porcelain tiles.


✓ Restores the original appearance of the material without spoiling the surface
✓ Even looking results
✓ Water based product.
✓ No layering defects


This product can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.
This product is suitable for use on Full body polished porcelain tiles, Glazed polished porcelain tiles (Lappato), Glazed surfaces


20-30 m2/Kg


Single disc machine with at least 1.5 HP; manual rotary brush.
Cleaning Warehouse can supply the WARRIOR single disc machine, which has a power of 2.2 HP and is optimized for the correct application of any product.


Preparing and cleaning the surface
• Carefully clean the surface, making sure to remove any dust or dirt present. We suggest using our DETERFUG or our FABER 30, depending on the nature of the dirt and the surface type.
• We suggest applying the product on surface sections of 2 m2 at a time.
• Apply the product to surfaces with a temperature of between +5 and +40°C
• Any adjacent surfaces not being treated with the product must be protected.

• Shake the bottle well before use and pour 2/3 spoonful of product onto the surface to be treated. This amount is sufficient to treat a surface area of about 2 m2.
• Add a small amount of water to the cream. As a rough guide, each spoonful of product requires around 1 spoonful of water.
• As soon as the water has been added to the cream, proceed to apply it to the surface using the single disc machine, fitted with a white pad, and set to between 150 and 200 r.p.m. Continue with the single disc machine, taking care to cover the whole surface area evenly with the cream. Try to pass over each section of the floor the same number of times.
• During the application process, the mix must maintain its creamy consistency, and therefore, if it should become too dry, gradually add some drops of water.
• Continue to pass over the surface with the polisher until the result is as required. This is easy to check during application by removing a small area of product using a squeegee mop or similar and checking the surface finish.
• Once the required result has been achieved, vacuum or remove any residues from the surface and rinse with plenty of clean water.
Generally, PORCELAIN RESTORATION CREAM will restore the surface within 15 25 passages, but always checks depending on the type of surface

Drying time
After carefully removing any residues and rinsing the surface with water, no further waiting time is necessary.

Opening to floor traffic
After carefully removing any residues and rinsing the surface with water, the floor can be opened for use.


• Do not allow the product to dry during the application process. Frequently check consistency and add water as needed to return the product to its creamy state.
• Never apply the product to a wet surface
• Do not apply the product to overly heated surfaces
• Apply the product to surfaces with a temperature of between +5 and +40°C
• When applying to recently laid or grouted surfaces, wait for the adhesive or grout to cure completely.
• Before applying the product to the whole surface, it is advisable to test a small, unexposed area or unused piece to check its suitability for use.

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