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Faber HidroFab

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Faber HidroFab

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HIDROFAB is a water-based wax-resin emulsion to use as a self-polishing, finishing treatment for floors in natural stone, cotto, terracotta, parquet, natural wood or concrete. The product seals the textured surface, creating a dirt-proof layer and making daily cleaning and maintenance operations on the floor much easier.


Treatment with HIDROFAB leaves the surface with a polished finish and it slightly enhances the original colour tone of the material. The protective layer created by HIDROFAB also stands out for its excellent water- and oil-repellent characteristics, to protect the surface against the formation of stains.


✓ Brings out the shine and tone of the material
✓ Effective protection against dirt and staining agents
✓ Provides excellent water and oil repellency
✓ Excellent protection against foot traffic


The product is suitable for indoor use.


Suitable for use on

Marble cement agglomerate,



Basaltina Lava stone,

Concrete tiles,







Parquet or natural wood,





15/20 m2/l


Lambswool applicator, roller


Preparing and cleaning the surface
1. Carefully clean the surface, making sure to remove any dust or dirt present.
2. Never apply HIDROFAB to wet or damp surfaces.
3. Apply HIDROFAB to surfaces with a temperature of between +5 and +40°C
4. Any adjacent surfaces not being treated with the product must be protected.
When applying, we strongly recommend first applying a water repellent product to act deep down and allow the HIDROFAB to catalyze correctly on the surface of the material.

• Apply an even coat of product to a clean, dry surface with the preferred tool, making sure to create an even layer to cover the whole surface. We recommend always following the same application direction. Make sure not to leave too much product when applying it.
• If, while applying the wax, you should notice any build up in an area where the product has already been applied, do not attempt to even out the layer of material. Wait for the first layer to cure.
• In case of application on particularly absorbent or textured surfaces, it may be necessary to add a second coat of product. Only apply a second coat once the first is perfectly dry. Generally, 2 3 hours are enough between coats. Before applying a second coat, proceed in the same way as for the first. We recommend applying the second coat in a perpendicular direction to that of the first. This will create a “crisscross” application.
• HIDROFAB is a self polishing wax that once applied, will create an extremely polished effect. In the event you wish to increase the surface shine, it is possible to do so using a traditional mechanical floor polisher with a white or lambswool pad. Wait a minimum of 3 4 hours for the wax to cure and then clean the surface dry, polishing until the required surface shine is achieved. Using a mechanical polisher also makes it possible to clean up any flaws created by a build up of product in a specific surface area, in case of the application of two coats of product.

Drying time
The product is fast drying and in any case, no more than 1 2 hours from application.

Opening to floor traffic
The surface can be opened to floor traffic about 4/6 hours after the product has been applied.


• For routine cleaning of a surface treated with HIDROFAB we recommend: NEUGEL
• For regular restoration of surfaces waxed with HIDROFAB, we recommend: MANU’ or even HIDROFAB diluted in water to a ratio of 1:5
• For de waxing a surface treated with HIDROFAB, we recommend: DEC 21 and/or DECERA P


• Never apply the product to wet surfaces.
• Do not apply the product to overly heated surfaces.
• Do not apply the product to acid treated surfaces.
• When applying to recently laid or grouted surfaces, wait for the adhesive or grout to cure completely.
• Do not use it on outdoor surfaces.
• Before applying the product to the whole surface, it is advisable to test a small, unexposed area or unused piece to check its suitability for use.

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