Faber 30

Faber 30 Alkaline Degreaser

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Faber 30
FABER 30 is a concentrated alkaline-based cleaner that is extremely effective when it comes to deep-down cleaning of all surfaces with general dirt - including long standing - caused through a normal build up on floors from foot or vehicle traffic.

FABER 30 is a versatile cleaner that is quick and easy to use, while being strong on dirt but at the same time, extremely gentle on surfaces, even the most delicate types.

FABER 30 can be used according to traditional methods for washing floors, such as cloth or brush, or with mechanical equipment such as single-disc machine or hard floor cleaner.

Faber 30 is a medium/strong, broad scale and not an aggressive cleaner, as such Faber 30 is suitable for use on a broad range of materials.


Suitable for:




Porcelain gres Lappato

Porcelain gres Honed

Porcelain gres Natural or Structured

Porcelain gres Structured




Coverage and Dilution Guide (1 Litre):

- Approximately 10 to 15 square metres, depending on the determined suitability for the surface

Method of Use:

- Dilute down to a ratio of between 1:1 and 1:4, or undiluted in extreme cases
- Get rid of any dust, debris or dry residues before proceeding to wash the surface
- Thoroughly rinse with clean water and allow it to dry
- Apply Faber 30 over the surface, wiping the surface with a lean cloth or mop
- Leave to react for 5 - 10 minutes, continuing to wipe over the surface
- Remove any excess residues and rinse the whole floor with plenty of water
- Repeat the application process following the same steps, if the desired result is not achieved

Additional Information:

- Any nearby surfaces not being treated with Faber 30 must be protected
- It is important to test the solution on an inconspicuous area before general application
- Surfaces must be between 5 and 40°C before application

FABER 30 is a concentrated alkaline-based cleaner that is extremely effective for the heavy-duty cleaning of all surfaces with greasy dirt and foot traffic dirt.
FABER 30 has a quick and strong cleaning power against dirt while being extremely gentle on the surface. This is why it can be used on all hard surfaces, including polished marble and glazed, polished ceramics. The product also provides excellent results on synthetic floor coverings, such as PVC, epoxy, or polyurethane resins. it is extremely effective against tire marks.


✓ Extremely effective on different types of dirt
✓ Suitable for a large variety of materials
✓ Ideal for removing tire marks
✓ Ideal for the deep cleaning of high-traffic areas
✓ Suitable for synthetic floor coverings.


This product can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.


Preparing and cleaning the surface

• Before proceeding with the cleaning, it is advisable to remove any surface residues, such as dust, debris, and coarse dirt, using a broom or a vacuum cleaner,
• We recommend treating small areas of the surface at a time. The size of the area to be treated should be identified according to the absorption level of the material.
• When applying to highly absorbent surfaces, such as terracotta, it is necessary to work on an area of no more than 4-5 square meters, to ensure that the product does not penetrate the surface completely.
• When applying to low-absorbing surfaces, such as polished natural stone or ceramic tiles, the treated area could be larger, depending on the preferences of the operator.


The product can be used as is, or it can be diluted in clean water, depending on the dirt to remove:
• If used as a final stage in the double wax stripping process, or when dissolving particularly stubborn resin, wax, or polymers, then the product should be diluted 50% in clean water. When used on absorbent materials, such as terracotta or concrete, the product can be used undiluted (1 part product to 1 part of water).
• If used for a strong degreasing action to remove large amounts of stubborn residues, or for worksite cleaning on acid-sensitive materials, the product needs to be diluted to 20-30% in clean water (1 part product to 2-4 parts water).
• If used as a simple degreaser to periodically clean a floor, the product needs to be diluted to 10% (1 part product to 9 parts water).
Apply the solution to the surface, covering the whole area being cleaned and distributing it evenly with a single-disc machine or large brush.

Let the product act for about 10-15 minutes, helping its dissolving action by working it now and then on the surface with a single disk machine. This will boost the dissolving action of the product and give you better results.
When applied to particularly absorbent surfaces, while cleaning, it may be necessary to pour some more onto the surface, to compensate for the product absorbed by the material. For the best possible results, the surface needs to be completely covered by a fine layer of product throughout the treatment.

This operation can be carried out using an abrasive pad or brush, to be selected according to the type of material and the type of dirt or treatment being removed. White pad: for polished, delicate surfaces like marble, limestone, glazed materials, etc. Green or light blue pad for rough, unpolished surfaces such as terracotta and concrete.

Once the application time has passed, it’s time to remove the residues. Pour sufficient clean water onto the surface to form an emulsion with the solution on the floor; distribute it evenly with the single-disc machine or brush, and then remove any excess. This operation is best performed with a wet vacuum.

Once the residues have been removed, rinse the surface thoroughly using clean water. If the results are not completely satisfactory, repeat the operation.

Opening to floor traffic

After rinsing the surface with water, the floor can be opened for use as soon as it is dry. When applying the treatment again, it is necessary to wait for the surface to be completely dry, all the way through. The amount of time for this will vary according to the type and absorption level of the material.

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