Dye Gone - Dye Stain Remover

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Chemspec's Dye Gone is a highly effective oxidising spotter that can be used on all types of dye stains. Its patented and guaranteed formula treats a wide range of stains that not only include dye stains but also coffee, tea, gravy, urine, wine and many more.

Dye Gone is a patented guaranteed formula for stubborn coffee, tea or dye stains especially effective on synthetic fibres, in fact on some synthetic fibres there is a lifetime guarantee that this product will remove any dye stain. Effective on coffee, tea, barbeque sauce, gravy, betadine/iodine, urine, soy sauce, wine and much more.

The product can be neutralised with cold water once the dye has gone if used on wool or dyed nylon.

Can be left to oxidise on solution dyed fibres as it eventually becomes pure water and will neutralise itself (on solution dyed fibres just spray it on and leave to do the job - no need to rinse). This product works on dyes from soft drinks such as Iron Brew and will out perform other dye removers. Designed to work on carpet so is safe on most dyed carpets. As some dyes are unstable it is required for you to do a pre test on all colours to check for colourfastness before using.

For best results treat the fresh stain with Chemspec Professional Spot Lifter prior to using Dye Gone as this will remove other ingredients leaving the dye.

Dilutes instantly when the trigger is pressed.


  • Size: 2 x 650ml
  • Form: liquid
  • pH: 9.5 - 10.5

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