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Dip Tank & Fat Fryer Cleaner (10kg)

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fat fryer

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FF Cleaner - Deep Fat Fryer and Dip Tank Cleaner

FF Cleaner is an extremely effective dip tank powder that can also be used for deep fat fryers. It easily melts away sticky oil/stuck on grease from commercial or domestic deep fat fryers. It is a very easy product to use.

A weaker solution can be used to spray onto filters and baskets that are sticky with fat and the fat will just melt off!

Directions for use

  • Fat fryers: 30-60ml per litre of water - boil, clean and then drain.
  • Dip Tanks: 30-60ml per litre in boiling water. Add items to tank and allow solution to work for a few minutes before removing and rinsing.

Note: wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection.


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