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Deterfug - 1 Litre

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Faber Deterfug

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DETERFUG is a slightly acidic cleaner for different surfaces and is specially formulated and developed to clean deep down and remove stubborn dirt from surfaces. Its specific formula means that DETERFUG has a deep cleaning action, even acting within the pores and rough surfaces of materials for fast, complete removal of built-up dirt, without damaging the surface.

DETERFUG is active against different types of dirt, including oily or inorganic, and this means it is also ideal for extraordinary surface cleaning operations. Its deep action is also able to remove the dirt that is trapped in a material’s pores or rough-textured surface, leaving the floor completely clean and free from any dirt. DETERFUG is also very effective when it comes to removing the surface patinas.

Suitable for:

Agglomerate cement-marble

Agglomerate resin-marble

Agglomerate resin-quartz



Basaltina - Lava Stone


Ceramic Glazed




Porcelain gres Lappato

Porcelain gres Honed

Porcelain gres Natural or Structured

Porcelain gres Structured






✓ Extremely effective on different types of dirt
✓ Excellent cleaning power
✓ Guaranteed deep-down cleaning
✓ Quick and easy application


This product can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.
Suitable for use on Marble-quartz agglomerate, Slate, Sandstone, Basaltina - Lava stone, Molten basalt, Concrete, Glazed ceramics, Clinker, Cotto, Granite, Polished porcelain tiles, Natural porcelain tiles, Textured porcelain tiles, Reconstituted stone (Eco stone), Porphyry, Quarzite, Terracotta, Tuff

Not suitable for use on acid-sensitive materials


10-15 m2/l according to dilution and the type of material



Preparing and cleaning the surface

Before proceeding to wash the surface with Deterfug, it is advisable to clean away any surface residues, such as dust, debris, and coarse dirt, using a broom or a vacuum cleaner,
We recommend treating small areas of the surface at a time. The size of the area to be treated individually should be decided according to the absorption level of the material.
When applying to highly absorbent surfaces, such as terracotta, for example, it is necessary to work on an area of no more than about 4-5 square meters, to ensure that the product does not penetrate the surface completely, which would prevent it from carrying out its function. When applying to low-absorption surfaces, such as stoneware or ceramic tiles, the treated area may be larger, according to the operator's preferences.


The product can be used undiluted or it can be diluted in clean water, according to the type of dirt that needs to be removed:
- When used to remove surface patinas, especially if stubborn, Deterfug should not be diluted.
- If used for extraordinary cleaning to remove large amounts of stubborn dirt, the product needs to be diluted to 30% in water (1 part product to 2 parts water).
- If used as a simple cleaner to periodically clean a floor, the product needs to be diluted to 10% (1 part product to 9 parts water).
Apply the product to the surface, covering the whole area being cleaned and distributing it evenly and vigorously with a single-disc machine or large brush.
Let the product work for about 10-15 minutes, enhancing its extractive action by working the solution on the surface with the single disk machine now and then.
When applied to particularly absorbent surfaces, while working with the product, it may be necessary to pour some more onto the surface, to compensate for the product being absorbed.
This operation can be carried out using a more or less abrasive disc or brush, to be selected according to the type of material and the type of dirt or treatment being removed. White pad: for less dirty or more compact surfaces, such as glazed ceramics, for example.
Green or light blue pad for rough, unpolished surfaces such as Cotto, terracotta, etc.
Once the said time has passed, remove the cleaning residues by pouring a sufficient amount of clean water onto the surface to form an emulsion with the solution on the floor; distribute this evenly with the single-disc machine or brush, and then remove any excess. This operation is best performed with a liquid vacuum cleaner, although alternatively, the excess liquid can be absorbed with cloths or absorbent paper towels. After removing the residues, rinse the surface thoroughly using clean water. If the results are not completely satisfactory, repeat the operation following the steps above.

Opening to floor traffic

After rinsing the surface with water, the floor can be opened for use as soon as it is dry. When applying the treatment again, it is necessary to wait for the surface to be completely dry, all the way through. The amount of time for this will vary according to the type and absorption level of the material.


• Before applying the product to the whole surface, it is advisable to test a small, unexposed area or unused piece to check its suitability for use.
• When applying to recently laid or grouted surfaces, wait for the adhesive or grout to cure completely.
• Do not mix with other chemical compounds
• If the finished result is not satisfactory, repeat the process as described above.

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