Faber Deep Enhancer

Deep Enhancer Stainproof Tile Treatment 1 Litre

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Faber Deep Enhancer

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Deep Enhancer Stainproof Tile Treatment

DEEP ENHANCER is a solvent-based, impregnating, colour-enhancing, stain-proof, and wet-look non-filming protective treatment to revive ultra-compact surfaces characterized by minimum absorption capacity. It is used to enhance the colour and tone of more compact materials such as ceramics, porcelain stoneware, quartz agglomerate, and natural polished stones, adding a matt finish without creating a surface film. Compared to traditional wet-look colour enhancers that, when applied to compact surfaces leave a patina or surface residue, DEEP ENHANCER is also able to penetrate the least absorbent materials, creating a solution that is truly one of a kind.

DEEP ENHANCER provides excellent water-repellent and stain-proof qualities to the surfaces to which it is applied, making daily cleaning and maintenance of treated surfaces easier. It is also certified for use with foods and therefore, it can be used as a stain-proof, color-enhancing treatment on kitchen worktops.

Suitable for:

Agglomerate resin-marble

Agglomerate resin-quartz

Basaltina - Lava Stone

Ceramic Craquele'

Ceramic Glazed



Porcelain gres Lappato

Porcelain gres Honed

Porcelain gres Natural or Structured





DEEP ENHANCER can be applied to natural stone with polished, brushed or brushed and flamed finish.


✓ Strong colour-enhancer
✓ Penetrates deep inside the material
✓ Provides water repellency to the surface
✓ UV resistant
✓ It won’t yellow over time
✓ Matt finish
✓ It won’t create a surface film
✓ Certified safe for food contact


This product can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.
Suitable for use on Granite, Limestone, Marble, Travertine, Craquelé ceramic, Glazed ceramic, Marble-resin agglomerate, Quartz-resin agglomerate, Polished porcelain tiles, Natural porcelain tiles, Textured porcelain tiles, Molten basalt, and Clinker. DEEP ENHANCER can be applied to natural stone with a polished, brushed, or brushed and flamed finish.


20/30 m2/l


Preparing and cleaning the surface

• Carefully clean the surface, making sure to remove any dust or dirt present.
• Never apply DEEP ENHANCER to wet surfaces.
• Apply DEEP ENHANCER to surfaces with a temperature of between +5 and +40°C
• Any surfaces on the premises not being treated with the product must be protected.


• Apply an even, abundant coat of product to a clean, dry surface with the preferred tool, making sure to create an even layer to cover the whole surface being treated.
• About 5-10 minutes after application, proceed to re-distribute the excess product using the same tool used for the application, making sure to cover the surface evenly.
• About 20-30 minutes after applying the product proceed to remove all residues thoroughly, making sure all excesses have been removed to prevent any possible problem of greasiness. This operation is performed by brushing the surface, dry, using a standard floor polisher (1.5 HP, 175 rpm) with a white or lambswool pad or wool-cotton attachment. Alternatively, on tops, upright surfaces, or small areas, residues can be removed with an orbital or manual wheel, using a white disc or pad, or a compact felt or wool-cotton cloth.
• To maximize the effectiveness of the stain-proofing treatment, the intensity of the colour-enhancer, and the durability of the treatment, it is possible to wait over 20-30 minutes, up to a maximum of 45-60 minutes, before removing residues, to allow the product to penetrate fully and deep down inside the structure of more compact materials. This way, the surface residues may be slightly harder to remove.

Drying time

The product is fast drying and in any case, dries within 1-2 hours from application.

Opening to floor traffic

The surface can be opened to floor traffic about 4-6 hours after the product has been applied.


For the daily maintenance of a surface treated with DEEP ENHANCER we recommend: ALGAFLOOR
For heavy-duty cleaning of a surface treated with DEEP ENHANCER we recommend: FABER 30 or DETERFUG, according to the type of dirt.
For de-waxing a surface treated with DEEP ENHANCER we recommend: DEC 21 and/or DECERA/P


• Never apply the product to wet surfaces.
• If the product is applied as a stain-proof treatment on a material that has already been primed with a high penetrant water-repellent, wait for this to dry completely before applying DEEP ENHANCER.
• Do not apply the product to overly heated surfaces.
• Do not apply the product when there is an imminent risk of rain or frost, or in presence of mist, fog, or high levels of humidity.
• Apply the product to surfaces with a temperature of between +5 and +40°C
• When applying to recently laid or grouted surfaces, wait for the adhesive or grout to cure completely.
• Thoroughly remove product residues with the methods described above to prevent any problems linked to greasiness on the surface.
• Before applying the product to the whole surface, it is advisable to test a small, unexposed area or unused piece to check its suitability for use.

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