The Chemspec Spot and Stain Removal Set is one of the most complete spot and stain treatment kits on the market – it even includes dye and other stain removers not usually sold in other kits. Having standard sized bottles makes it easy to replace them as they empty without any refilling hassles. Included are trigger sprayers, terrycloth towels and a tamping brush all backed within a durable shoulder bag. Spotter solutions included in the kit are:

  • Professional Spot Lifter (C-PSLCS): Your go-to general purpose spotter fortified with Biosolv® citrus booster.
  • Rust Remover (C-RRCS): Removes even the toughest rust stains.
  • Paint, Oil and Grease Remover (POG) (C-UKPOGCS): Quickly breaks down wet or dry paint stains, shoe polish, oil and grease.
  • Liqua Gel with Biosolv (C-LGCS): Woolsafe® certified, it removes gum, tar, adhesives and oil spots.
  • Ink Exit (C-IXITCS): An amazing water-based formula that makes ink and permanent marker disappear.
  • Stain Exit (C-SECS): Fast acting one-part solution that removes organic and natural dyes.
  • Red X It (C-REDXITCS): Quickly removes synthetic dyes typically used in Kool-Aid, fruit juice and sports drinks.