AS 930 CP

AS 930 CP

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AS 930 CP

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AS 930 CP

Stain-resistant, etch-resistant solvent-based treatment with a polished finish for marble, travertine, limestone, and all acid-sensitive materials

AS 930 CP is a stain-resistant and etch-resistant single-component treatment with a polished finish.

AS 930 CP is formulated to be applied on table tops, kitchen tops, and bathroom tops made of acid-sensitive
materials such as marble, travertine, and limestone.

AS 930 CP provides a polished finish enhancing the natural beauty of the material on which it is applied.

Its single-component formula and the easy application make the product a practical solution.


  • Great etch-resistant properties
  • Great stain-resistant properties
  • It won’t yellow overtime
  • Certified safe for use on surfaces in contact with foods

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