a 5 litre bottle of unsmoke air neutraliser on a grey background

Air Neutraliser Citrus

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a 5 litre bottle of unsmoke air neutraliser on a grey background

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Air Neutraliser Citrus is a water-based deodoriser that is effective for eliminating odours caused by fire, smoke, staleness and fuel. It can be used to fog air ducts and added as a booster to alkaline detergents. It has a citrus odour and can be added to wall cleaning products or water-based paints following soot damage for extra deodorisation.


Air Neutraliser Citrus can be used for:

  • Interior air deodorising.
  • Neutralising order on burnt surfaces
  • Fog air ducts
  • Boost alkaline detergents
  • As an additive for wall cleaning and upholstery cleaning
  • Removal of cigarette odours, tar and nicotine



Cover furniture, paintings clothes or anything that could be damaged by a solvent

  1. For Interior Air Deodorizing: Mix 860ml to 5L of water. Use fine mist setting on cold fogger. Repeat treatment if necessary. When misting, wear respiratory protection.
  2. For Burnt Surfaces: Use full strength. Apply with a natural fibre brush.
  3. As an Additive: To wall cleaning solution - use 120ml in 5L of water. To water-based paint - use 160ml in 5L of water. To carpet and upholstery shampoo - use 39ml in 5L of water to cut soot and deodorise textiles.
  4. For Removing Cigarette Odours: Add 90ml to regular cleaning solution. Will remove tar and nicotine from all surfaces.


  • Size: 3.78L
  • Form: Liquid
  • pH: 6.0 - 7.0

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