faber A3 yellow marble polish

A3 Yellow Marble Polish - 1kg

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faber A3 yellow marble polish

A3 Yellow Marble Polish

A3 Yellow is a wet polishing powder for a vitreous effect. It is suitable for all lime based materials, including marble, limestone, travertine and marble agglomerates.

A3 Yellow is a high performing wet polishing powder. It can be used for all types of marble and lime-based materials. One bonus with A3 Yellow is that it can boost non-slip properties on dry flooring. A3 Yellow does not contain wax but it reacts with the material it is applied to, boosting shine and leaves the surface with a lasting resistance to dirt and foot traffic.

Its special formulation allows to perfectly polish marbles and compact carbonate materials that are not too sensitive. It is one of the best polishing products for marbles of the FABER “A” series because of its effectiveness and versatility.

A3 Yellow offers a high sharpness degree, good thickness, and superficial brightness, enhancing the natural look of the floor. The product reacts with the material offering excellent brightness and good resistance against traffic and stains. The product does not contain any waxes.

Benefits of using Faber A3 Yellow

  • Does not release dust that gets dispersed in the air
  • Suitable for marble, limestone, travertine, marble-concreted agglomerates and marble-resin agglomerates
  •  Leaves a deep vitreous shine on the treated tile
  • Increases the surface resistance of the material to foot traffic
  • Boosts non slip qualities on dry flooring
  • Quick and easy application
  • Wax free

A3 Yellow can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Coverage and Application

    • For surface polishing:           40/50 metre squared per kilo
    • For surface maintenance:    50/100 metre squared per kilo
    • Application is advised with a single disc machine that runs on at least 1.5HP or it can be applied using a manual rotary brush.

Faber polishing powders can be used successfully both as an alternative to the finishing process of traditional mechanical polishing, and also to restore the shine on worn out surfaces. 


Suitable for:

  • Agglomerate cement-marble
  • Agglomerate resin-marble
  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Travertine

Application Steps

Preparing and Cleaning the surface

• Carefully clean the surface, making sure to remove any dust or dirt present.
• We recommend proceeding to apply the product in stages, covering surfaces approximately 2m2 at a time.
• Never apply A3 YELLOW to wet surfaces. A3 YELLOW can be used on slightly damp surfaces; therefore, please ensure that the surface to be treated is as dry as possible.
• Apply A3 YELLOW to surfaces with a temperature of between +5 and +40°C
• Any adjacent surfaces not being treated with the product must be protected.


• Pour 2-3 spoons of product onto the surface to be treated.
• Add a sufficient amount of water to the product to create a creamy/fluid paste that is easy to distribute. As a rough guide, each spoonful of product requires around 2 spoons of water.
• As soon as the water has been added to the powder, proceed to apply it to the surface using the single disc machine, fitted with a white pad, and set to between 150 and 200 r.p.m. Continue with the single disc machine, taking care to cover the whole surface area evenly with the powder and water paste. Try to pass over each section of the floor the same number of times.
• During the application process, the mix must maintain its creamy consistency, and therefore, if it should become too dry, gradually add a little water.
• Continue to buff with the single disc machine until the surface has reached its maximum shine. The shine results are easy to check during application by removing a small area of product using a squeegee mop or similar and checking the level of shine achieved.
• Once the required shine has been achieved, vacuum or remove any residues from the surface and rinse with plenty of clean water. Pass on to the area of the next surface.
For buffing after polishing and to restore the shine on particularly worn surfaces, pass over each section at least 20-25 times with the single disc machine.
For maintenance polishing passing over each section 10-15 times with the single disc machine is sufficient; use a slightly smaller amount of powder, around 1-2 spoonfuls for each section.

Drying Time

After carefully removing any residues and rinsing the surface with water, no further waiting time is necessary.
Opening to floor traffic
After carefully removing any residues and rinsing the surface with water, the floor can be opened for use.


For daily maintenance of a surface polished with A3 YELLOW, we recommend: NEUGEL or ALGAFLOOR
For heavy-duty cleaning of a surface polished with A3 YELLOW, we recommend: FABER 30
For regular maintenance of the shine obtained using A3 YELLOW, we recommend: CRISTALFAB or CRISTALFAB WHITE PAD
For stain-proof protection of a surface treated with A3 YELLOW, we recommend: HIDRO 150 or PROTEX WB

Instructions and Guidelines

  1. Don not allow A3 Yellow to dry during the application process. Frequently check consistency and add water as needed to return the product to its fluid state.
  2. Never apply to a wet surface
  3. Do not apply to overly heated surfaces (Apply to surfaces with a temperature of between 5 degrees and 40 degrees Celsius.
  4. When applying to recently grouted surfaces

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