These are an extremely high quality cloth used predominately in the automotive trade it has a very high absorption rate used for the removal of excess water from vehicles after washing.

The soft thick luscious fibres ensure the car is protected during the drying process.

We also sell this microfibre in various sizes. if you feel you need a smaller version for drying or polishing, this may suit well.

Dry surface use
Is used dry for removing dust and loose particles from all hard surfaces. As it is wiped over a surface it creates a
static charge that attracts dirt to the microfibre, the microfibre then ‘holds’ the dirt until the cloth is washed.

Damp surface use
Is used damp to remove heavier soilings from all hard surfaces. The micro fibres work through capillary action,
drawing dirt into the cloth. Once the cloth is dirty, place in laundry bag and continue cleaning with a clean one.

Upholstery Cleaning use

Our upholstery Gloves and Mitts use a blend of microfibre cloth and agitation strips of stiffer Nylon to help work in cleaning products and lift dirt from the fabric. They are fitted onto the hand allowing you to really work in to the corners of upholstery.

Microfibre cloths can be washed and reused again and again.

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