Spot and Stain removal – a dark art?

A householder will frequently have a carpet cleaned not because they feel that it is dirty, but because they have a spot or stain that draws attention as an eyesore. You may achieve a first class result cleaning the carpet, but if you fail to remove the stain your customer will be disappointed.

Spots are relatively easy to remove, but stains can be much more challenging and time consuming. Many technicians regard carpet cleaning as an application of physics and chemistry, but stain removal as a black art.

With our range of chemicals and knowledge we will lead you through the processes and procedures of testing and identifying a spot or stain, how to treat and neutralise and, as a last resort procedure, how to safely bleach-out the stain.

Not every stain can be completely removed safely, but by extending your knowledge and skill set, knowing which chemicals to use and in what order , your success rate and customer satisfaction will be increased

Microsplitters & Bio-Based, 100% Biodegradable, Non Flammable Solvents For Spot, and Stain Removal all available here.

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