Spot Solve is an environmentally friendlier cleaning solution that is free from aromatic/aliphatic and other volatile solvents. It is readily and completely biodegradable with a low vapour hazard, low oral toxicity, non-flammable and has no hazard classification under CHIP Regs.

Spot solve removes diverse stains such as paints, oil, colours, felt-tip pen, asphalt, wax, ball-point ink, tar, shoe polish, resins, glue, glue residues, grease, nail polish, shoe prints, graffiti and other solvent soluble spots and stains. It can treat spots and stains on all solvent resistant surfaces including textiles (subject to testing for suitability in inconspicuous area first).

  • Form: liquid
  • Sizes: 0.5-litre and 5-litre