Our own brand spot and stain remover – ready to use and eco-friendly. Developed by us in response to customer demand for a stain removal product that actually works! This product does not contain any soap or detergents that leave sticky, dirt attracting residues on your soft furnishings. Our product does not contain any harsh solvents or bleaching agents – the only thing that will vanish, will be the stain!

Our eco-friendly Spot and Stain Remover (Based on Micro-splitting technology) treats stains on mattresses, upholstery, carpets, rugs, car interiors, fabric and fine-fabric, wool, silk, soft toys and many more. Subject to normal pre-testing, it is safe to use on all water-tolerant surfaces and unlike many other products, it does not require extensive rinsing.

No dwell time required – just apply and agitate.
No detergents – no sticky residue and non-foaming.
Completely non-toxic – safe for you, your family and pets.
Non irritation – even if not rinsed.
Odourless – absolutely no fumes and perfectly safe to use around asthmatics.
No bleaching agents – no light patches left after treatment.