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The SEBO DART UHS (Ultra High Speed) polisher gives you a superb and hygienically smooth gloss finish, without the use of chemicals or water. This has been achieved by using diamond pad technology, ultra high speed and a patented automatic pad adjustment system that sets the pad to the correct height for the floor surface.



The UHS polisher head is an attachment for DART vacuum cleaners. When fitted to a DART suction unit, the complete machine is also a vacuum cleaner so it performs two roles in one, making it highly productive. Dust and foot borne soiling are removed during the polishing process whilst the S-Class certified filtration ensures even microscopic particles are prevented from entering the indoor air. As easy to use as an upright vacuum cleaner, the DART polisher has been designed so that anyone can use it

Using the DART polisher with diamond pads eliminates the health and safety hazard of wet floors and saves the time and cost of applying chemical treatment.

Blue pads also available for cleaning and polishing with Cleaning Warehouse hard floor chemicals.


The green diamond pad is for daily/regular maintenance of commercial hard floors.

The red pad is for the preparation of a floor in poor condition. The yellow pad is intermediate and is used after the red pad to restore a gloss finish. Both pads come as a set

These pads are sold as separate items, call us for pricing please. We will do deals on complete sets.

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