CRB Pro35 Carpet Agitation Machine

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Regarded by many carpet cleaners as the ‘Rolls Royce’ for agitation of pre-sprays and carpet preparation, it really is a step above other machines in this class.


Pro35 CRB (Contra Rotating Brush)Carpet Cleaning Machine

Cleaning Warehouse are the exclusive dealer in Ireland, for the TM3, TM4, Pro45 and Pro35, this means we are able to give you the best deal available.

Renovator trays available as optional extra ( see here)

Different brushes available as optional extra ( see here)

The Amazing Austrian Manufactured Pro 35 is the result of over 30 years production and development to produce a machine that is both user-friendly and very efficient. It has been specifically developed to clean carpets and hard floor by a variety of methods and has an excellent track record. Its simply a must have for any floor cleaning professional. Not to be confused with any other CRB Machine.

This is the Genuine Original, Carpet Cleaner Industries, Fully stamped and CE Approved Machine.

Regarded by many carpet cleaners as the ‘Rolls Royce’ for agitation of pre-sprays and carpet preparation, it really is a step above other machines in this class.

Unlike machines developed solely for use with ‘dry’ granules, this machine is fully suitable for wet cleaning, with a rust-free stainless steel body. A convenient foot lever both releases the handle and starts the brushes. Returning the handle to the upright position turns off the brushes and locks the handle. Brushes can be changed in minutes without tools. Simply slide the axle out remove/ change the brush and slide back the axle, it couldn’t be easier

As a pile-lifter and agitation machine for pre-spray.
With Renovator Trays fitted to remove impacted dry soil or pick up used granules.
With CLEANING WAREHOUSE DRY CARPET GRANULES as a stand-alone Very Low Moisture cleaning system.
As a hard-floor cleaner – scrub and wet pick-up
With Fusion Clean as complete solution to encapsulation cleaning.

Compact design, stainless steel body, very low noise, and can be used on all types of stone and tile floors, Studded PVC, safety flooring using the optional Brown or Black stiff brushes.

The main difference between the Pro35 & Pro45 is the larger brush width:

PRO 35                                                                                    PRO 45
weight: 21,3 kg                                                                         23,3 kg
height without / with handle: 230 / 1170 mm                            230 / 1170 mm
length: 285 mm                                                                        285 mm
brush width: 405 mm                                                               505 mm
motor: 600W                                                                            700W
brush rotation: 483 U/min                                                        395 U/min
sound level at 0,5 m: 57,8 dB                                                  57,8 dB
dirty water capacity: 2,8 L                                                        3,5 L
coverage carpet: up to 100 m² / h                                            up to 125 m² / h
coverage hard floor: up to 200 m² / h                                       up to 250 m² / h
cable length: 10 m                                                                   10 m

Also available with optional brushes White – Soft (Carpet) Blue – Standard (Commercial Carpet) Brown – Stiff (Hard Floor) Black – Extra Stiff

In the quest for a better quality of cleaning it is worth exploring a stage of the cleaning process which sometimes receives scant attention –

 The agitation of pre-sprays.

There are several reasons for agitation:


By brushing-in a pre-spray we can increase the probability of getting it in contact with every fibre, every particle of soil that it has been applied to attack.

Mechanical disturbance. 

Brush action aids the separation of fibre and soil particles. Larger soil masses are broken to permit better penetration of the pre-spray and thereby speed the reaction. Insoluble particulate soil, particularly when impacted, is loosened, thereby aiding later extraction.

Pile conditioning. 

Especially when the agitation is provided by one of the twin contra-rotating brush machines, such as the PRO35 or Sebo Duo, since they work in the vertical plane the pile is combed and ‘opened up’ which again makes for more complete removal of soil at the extraction stage. It is also likely to result in a ‘bouncier’, more resilient pile – an important factor in wear reduction as well as providing a better feel underfoot.

If the aim is to ultimately return the carpet as near as possible to its’ new condition, then, like pre-vacuuming, I consider this agitation stage, indispensable.

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