Grout Brush & Quality Aluminium Handle

€26.00 (Excluding VAT)

Measures 240mm X 35mm
Filled With Very Stiff Polyester Bristles
With A ‘V’ Shaped Contour.

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Product Description

Grout Brush & Quality Aluminium Handle

Bevelled Grout Brush Head1360mm aluminium handle with grout brush attachment.

Grout brush measures 240mm x 35mm and isĀ filled with very stiff polyester bristles with a ‘V’ shaped contour.

The brush head has a back and forth swivel action to get to hard to reach areas and make using the brush more pleasant for the operator.

This is a fantastic little brush which is a “must have” for any professional cleaning outfit. The tough bristles make very short work of stubborn dirt trapped in grout lines.

1360mm Aluminium Handle For Use With The Grout/Tile Brush.

The beveled head catches dirt that brush attachments on rotaries fail to gain purchase on.

(SOL104 + SOL94)

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