Floor Mopping and Cleaning System Starter Pack Ireland

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Product Description

Floor Mopping and Cleaning System Starter Pack

Amazing Value for your business!

This Floor Mopping and Cleaning System Starter Pack contains everything that a business or end user needs to cover their floor and ancillary cleaning requirements.

The mop package comes with a 20 Litre wheeled mop bucket, height adjustable mop handle, and a stainless steel velcro plate for attaching the microfibre mop head – two mops heads are included.

STS is a phenomenal stone, tile, and safety floor cleaner, whilst APC is a fantastic all purpose cleaning agent. These two products can thus form the core of a cleaning regime and negate the need for a myriad of products and bottles.

Resolvit Gel is a fantastic chewing gum and sticky stuff remover, and both the XR pads, and the microfibres complete the cleaning pack.

The Cleaning System Starter Pack includes:

1 x STS (Stone, Tile And Safety Floor) Advanced Micro-Splitting Tech (5L)

1 x All Purpose Cleaner (5L)

1 x Resolvit Gel (1L)

2 x Micro Power XR Hand Pad

2 x High-Quality Multipurpose Microfibre

1 x Premium Mop & Bucket Set

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Weight 10 kg