COMPLETE Flat Mop System

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Product Description

Microfibre Flat Mop System

If you want a full flat mop system, we can offer ALL of the below products at a SPECIAL OFFER price!


Normally, these products are sold individually in our online Shop, but if you want an All in One package to get started using this mopping system, we would highly recommend purchasing the entire set to start.

The Microfibre Flat Mop System Bundle contains:

This Microfibre Flat Mop System means that you don’t use a traditional mop and bucket system, but rather use the much lighter and less cumbersome Microfibre Flat Mop System in all areas, upstairs, downstairs.

The clever Velcro attachment of the mop heads means that you can remove and replace Microfibre Mop Heads without transferring any contaminants from mop head to hands.  Very useful when cleaning around toilet and washroom areas!

This Microfibre Flat Mop System if bought individually costs


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