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Shockwave – Heavy grease breaker for carpets and upholstery

5kg bucket (also available in 15Kg size)

Product Description

Product Description

Shockwave is a complete carpet and upholstery cleaning formulation for the treatment of heavy grease and organic soiling, and should be diluted with hot water.

Shockwave does not contain harsh solvents or caustics and uses a fast acting grease breaking formulation for instant action


10-15 grams of Shockwave should be added to 1L of hot water, then pre-spray, and allow 15 minutes, (Agitation can be applied during this contact period if required)

Then rinse with plain water, or for increased efficiency an acidic rinse such as Solution Final Phase.

Perfect for a very soiled tenancy when you don’t have time to mess around & need a one hit wonder. Stunning on carpets abused by dogs, it’s like the aftermath of a nuclear bomb! There’s nothing left (apart from a very clean carpet) yet it’s so much safer than many other high octane cleaners I’ve used.


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Weight 5 kg


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