Carpet cleaning by Water Extraction Method


Although called WET CLEANING, or Hot water Extraction (HWE) or Steam Cleaning, in fact no steam and very little water is used with our chemicals. These concentrated chemicals are premixed to the required dilution with hot water ( just hot enough to be uncomfortable to the touch). The chemicals are then pre-sprayed onto the carpet or upholstery, agitated and extracted with clean water only. Simple. Hot water extraction will not help the chemicals to work ! Although , it will aid drying times.

Hot water, and more so, steam, can in fact, damage the backing material, cause dye bleed and browning, if not used correctly. Our method uses just enough water to ‘wet’ and facilitate the chemical reaction with the dirt. The extraction process is not the cleaning part of the process, rather,  is just a method of getting the dirty water out.

Here’s the method;

Inspection of carpets/ rugs / upholstery / curtain fabrics, etc (determine what it is you are cleaning and the chemical to use)

Thorough vacuum with a deep pile lifting vacuum ( get all loose dirt out of the equation, no need to waste chemicals cleaning removable dirt)

Pre-spray entire room(s) with your hot mixed solution by pressure sprayer. A whole house should be less than a 5 ltr solution.

Agitate the pre-sprayed solution, using a carpet agitation brush , agitator or CRB machine to work into all fibres.

Extract using fresh clean water only with your extractor, no chemicals need go through the machine, unless an acidic rinse is required, keeping it clean too.

ReVacuum / Re-Agitate , just to fluff up the pile, achieve faster drying and leave it looking fuller. A pile tufter will do this quickly.

If you want to leave a nice smell, spray with one of our natural deodourising chemicals. Clean smell = double happy customer.


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